2017 AZ Awards of Merit: Lighting Fixtures

2017 AZ Awards of Merit: Lighting Fixtures

Designers Davide Groppi and David O’Driscoll wowed the 2017 AZ Awards jury with their respective, dramatically different lighting fixtures.


Project: Infinito

Designer: Davide Groppi

Manufacturer: Davide Groppi, Italy

Like a line drawn in the air, Davide Groppi’s Infinito is a concept of breathtaking simplicity; the lighting maestro has called it an homage to modernist artist Lucio Fontana, who famously made razor-sharp incisions into blank canvases. The fixture’s two purpose-made turnbuckles pull a variable 12-metre-long LED strip tight to form a continuous light source concealed behind a housing of black composite.

When positioned near a ceiling or wall, it casts a soft, indirect illumination ideal for framed artworks. Infinito’s linearity is so pure, it defies the eye’s ability to perceive depth, and seems almost to disappear into thin air, leaving behind only an ephemeral haze of light.



Project: Surface-Mounted Wall Light Collection

Designer: David O’Driscoll with Trent Carter

Manufacturer: Brightgreen, Australia

The uncomplicated beauty of Brightgreen’s four decorative lighting fixtures conceals the hard work going on behind the scenes. These wall lights are no mere sconces – they’re building blocks for creating luminous, ambient wall art with a colour spectrum fine-tuned to replicate the Australian sun. The wall-mounted bases are switchless and extendable, while the shades themselves are touch sensitive and provide haptic feedback.

In two models and sizes – saddle-like Curve and boxy Cube – the cast-aluminum shades tilt freely and rotate 360 degrees, affording installers the flexibility and control of a sculptor when throwing and shaping light.

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