Dialog Forms A Mountain Inside A Tower

Dialog Forms A Mountain Inside A Tower

For Edgar Development in Vancouver, multidisciplinary design firm Dialog turned out an office space inspired by a mountainscape, and one that builds on the family values of the company.

From the initial design meeting, it was clear to Dialog’s interior design team what Edgar president Peter Edgar wanted – he came armed simply with a photograph of a mountain for inspiration, and the idea that “development should be a journey.”


A fitting phrase for an up-and-coming real estate investment and development company. Edgar also wanted the design to consider the future of his business, one that fosters a family-like relationship with its nearly 20 employees and its numerous clients.


With the theme established, the Dialog team, led by project manager Janay Koldingnes, commissioned a 12-metre panoramic mountainscape from local branding and graphics firm Glasfurd & Walker.

The stunning gesture anchors the main reception area of the office on the 15th floor of the MNP Tower. Backlit for added effect, and to highlight the facets and crags of a natural formation, the image creates a sense of wonder. “What strikes me the most,” says Koldingnes, “is how a simple mountain graphic can create that ‘aha’ moment when people walk in. It has so much impact.”


On either side of the centrally located graphic wall, the mountain becomes a three-dimensional volume. Made from steel-stud framing and sound-absorbent felt in contrasting tones of charcoal, two cave-like meeting rooms resemble the sharp facets and crevices of a rock-like formation. Viewable from all angles, this conference zone is the basis for all other aspects of the interior, and its positioning filters natural daylight in from all sides.


To allow the “mountain” to stand on its own, Dialog kept the rest of the space crisp and clean. Pristine white walls, black-framed clear glass walls and warm wood plank flooring complement the overall design, and nod to Vancouver’s beautiful landscapes of mountains, ocean and nature.



Edgar Development is the fifth interior that Dialog has designed in the MNP Tower. The firm is also responsible for the award-wining design for automotive warranty and insurance provider LGM.

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