Wall Candy

Wall Candy
Styled by Alanna Davey. Paddle Bench by Samare, courtesy of Klaus, Toronto.

Forget dull palettes and damasks. The bravest wallpaper companies are conjuring new motifs with bold graphics and trompe l’oeil photography.

Wall Candy 02

Checker by Graham & Brown.

This vibrant 3‑D embossment, by Graham & Brown, comes in hot pink, and such subdued shades as cream, grey and black. $60 per roll, grahambrown.ca

Wall Candy 03

Bermondsey Square by Custhom.

While it may look retro, this triangle print with a pewter foil finish, by Custhom, pays homage to modern British architecture.  $41 per  metre, custhom.co.uk

Wall Candy 04

Chroma by Trove

The multi-hued blurs in this double helix motif by Trove are made up of manipulated photos of people dashing around Manhattan. Two columns form the full repeat.  $13 to $16 per roll, troveline.com

Wall Candy 05

Yonkers Station Ceiling by Rollout

Part of Rollout’s Wanderlust: New York line, this pattern transforms the skylights and ceiling mosaics of the Yonkers train station into a kaleidoscope.  $10 per square foot, rollout.ca

Wall Candy 06

Cuben by Simon Page for Flavor Paper.

Graphic designer Simon Page applied his programming background to this geometric artwork for Flavor Paper, with customizable pattern size and colours.  $8 per square foot, flavorpaper.com

Wall Candy 07

Concrete by Piet Boon for NLXL.

Love raw concrete but not up for tearing down drywall? Piet Boon’s photorealistic paper for the Dutch company NLXL comes in several finishes, including wide blocks and a black version.  $295 per roll, nlxl.com; hollacecluny.ca

Wall Candy 08

The Long Passage Towards Night by Jacob Hashimoto for Maharam.

Jacob Hashimoto hand-painted and digitally printed a variety of kites and interwove them. He captured his tapestry in 64 photos, editing them together to create this beautiful, busy pattern for MaharamPrice on request, maharam.com

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