Ease: Carry Your Own Comfort


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Urbanism August 31, 2018 September 10, 2018

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Theoretically, means of public transportation like city bus, metro or train are considered the best for commute in terms of economic, environmental and other planning consideration. However, there are only a few examples where it is the most willful choice of commuters.

An ever growing population served by limited public transit capabilities, can make the commutes longer – slower – stressful. These issues have a different magnitude with varying demogaphics(especially elderly and children).

Increasing seats, more buses, frequent metros are there – and will exist. But can you design something which can ease our distress while commute? For example – Can it serve as a portable seat, or something to lean, or give us shade, or maybe as simple as make long commutes fun, or make waiting a little less boring, or make us socially more connected? or you can comeup with something new altogether!

With the increasing pace of technological advancements, many ideas seem workable, either leading towards innovation in the existing systems or invention of a new one.

The solution need not necessarily be dealt with seating. It could very well be something which makes standing less tiring.

The product could just have one purpose, i.e to solve the stated problem, or have added functionalities as well.

It needs to be light in weight and portable in nature. It can either be dedicated to daily commute, or used for various purposes

A sustainable, low-cost and user-friendly product shall be highly appreciated.

The main objective is to provide sufficient comfort, and not luxury.

It should be universally applicable for majorly accessed means of commute irrespective of phys

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