Submission Deadline

Design September 17, 2017

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

TDW2017 is a biannual event sponsored and organized by POLIS University. Every TDW edition also hosts an international competition aimed at students and young professional which strives to provoke critical thinking and design solutions through topics that try to elevate issues of today’s society.

In the framework of Tirana Design Weeks 2017 “Design for an Inclusive Future”, we are glad to announce the lunch of the design competition “EMPOWERING INCLUSIVITY”. In the framework of this year’s topic of TDW2017 we are challenging all designers, architects, engineers, planners to propose designs that empower, advance, and include those groups of citizens that are often overlooked from the design process. These include but are in no way limited only to citizens with disabilities and the aging population. In today’s society more than 1 billion people have to live with some sort of disability in their life. As this figure includes a good chuck of the world population, one of the challenges of the future in design is already laid out in front of us. We are asking all participants to turn this challenge and this year’s competition personal. We are asking all of you to think of your own fathers, mothers, siblings, aunts, friends and family. Your ideas should focus on helping and empowering the lives and relations of all those people who need a more inclusive society and future.

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