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Concept February 9, 2017 February 10, 2017

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

Arch Out Loud is partnering with Last House on Mulholland to host the HOLLYWOOD design competition. The competition asks participants to design a house of the future which demonstrates the use of innovative technology, integrative environmental strategies, and capitalizes on the iconic prominence of its site beneath the famed Hollywood sign. The project’s design competition is seeking responsibly designed, environmentally sustainable, residential living space investigating the design and capabilities of a modern day home.

The HOLLYWOOD competition will serve as a design charrette to explore the potential of the site, its relation to the Hollywood Sign and the surrounding park and community. Participants will have the freedom to explore the home’s program, design style and contextual relationship. The competition will challenge the traditional approach to residential design as well as the nature of a modern day home. Participants will study the role a home plays in our lives, both today and in the future.

Visit the Competition website for more information.