Submission Deadline

Concept March 11, 2018

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

Today, science fiction dreams of turning mankind into a multi-planetary species are well within our reach. As scientific and technological breakthroughs are fuelling a renewed space race, it is becoming increasingly clear that the colonization of Mars is achievable – and very probable – within our lifetime.

In the contemporary discussion of Martian colonization, the focus is predominantly on the science and technological aspects of getting to the Red Planet. As visionary space tech companies are paving the way for ground-breaking Martian exploratory missions, where does this leave the creative industries? Despite dates being set for missions to Mars by governments and private companies like SpaceX, there is still a huge gap in the field of Martian architecture and extra-terrestrial design.

This gap represents the genesis of Marstopia: a competition designed to get the creative community engaged with this new field of design and generate visions of future worlds beyond ours.

As the dream of turning mankind into a multi-planetary species is turning into a foreseeable reality, we are confronted with a whole new set of questions, parameters, opportunities and challenges. What is a Martian settlement? How will our new extra-terrestrial world look like? How will it function? How can we create colonies which could grow from small exploratory outposts to fully-functioning towns and cities allowing mankind to not only survive but thrive in a new, alien and hostile environment?

In this competition, we challenge you – architects, designers, creatives and visionaries – to engage with the contemporary hot topic of extra-terrestrial living and invite you to conceptualize your unique vision of Marstopia.

We are bringing the debate on Martian colonization to the creative fields. Do you see Martian living as an exciting prospect, or as a step too far? Is living on Mars an inspiring Utopia or a questionable Dystopia? Whatever your stance, this competition provides a platform for creative expression on the future of design and architecture beyond our planet.

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