Moonception 2019


Submission Deadline

Concept May 19, 2019

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

With space exploration entering its golden age, we will now need archi tects and designers to create interplanetary human habitation beyond Earth. Architecture on our home planet is bound to its different cultures, sciences, traditions, and technologies. These considerations will also weigh while designing habitation on the lunar surface so that we can go beyond mere engineering in the process of making human life sustainable there.

We now have a significant opportunity to define what architecture beyond the boundaries of Earth might be; an opportunity to design architecture for the other worlds.A place beyond our Mother Planet that may hold precious resources to support activity in outer space. It could be a home to scientific treasures that could help us understand our planet better

We invite visionaries from all professions, Architects, Designers, Engineers, and Space Enthusiasts to envision and design this near yet unseen future. The participants are to design a Lunar Experience Centre + Research Centre for the first humans – 10 tourists and 5 researchers – to enhance their stay on The Experience Centre will help the Space Enthusiasts visiting the lunar surface for the first time to understand it and draw inspiration from the surroundings. The Research Centre would assist the Researchers in comprehending the environment on the Moon and its suitability in sustenance of human life.

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