Mosul Postwar Camp


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Architecture November 1, 2017 December 6, 2017

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.


Architecture has found a strange and unexpected enemy in ISIS,which has destroyed and looted countless religious buildings, monuments, archaeological sites and works of art from different cultures and religions, most of them considered World Heritage Sites by UNESCO


The continued fighting in Mosul (Iraq’s second largest city) since ISIS chose its Al-Nuri Grand Mosque to declare the Islamic Caliphate in 2014 has led to many of its inhabitants to leave their homes in search of more secure places. This dramatic situation has been greatly aggravated by the fighting that the Iraqi army has waged in recent months to wrest control of the city from the ISIS.
But, once the noise of bombings and explosions has ceased in Mosul, life is beginning to sprout again in its streets and neighborhoods with the return of thousands of former inhabitantswho are becoming refugees in their own city. Now it is time to think about their future away from the war that has dominated their lives in recent years as the rubble disappears and the city gradually regains its normality.

For this reason, Archstorming has chosen Mosul to place its new project in an attempt to propose solutions that mitigate and alleviate the suffering of its population.

Archstorming is looking for proposals to create an infrastructure that provisionally shelters all the refugees who wish to return to Mosul while their homes are rebuilt and the city regains its living conditions. The infrastructure is considered as a temporary solution that seeks to receive refugees in a humanitarian emergency and return them as citizens integrated into society.

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