Niagara Falls Pavilion Contest


Submission Deadline

Design June 6, 2019

The open international Niagara Falls Pavilion contest seeks to foster “a re-encounter with nature and with people,”  re-imagining a space between two countries that’s united by natural beauty.

The project should highlight the uniqueness of Niagara Falls, creating a space for people to meet and relate to the spectacular setting, offering the visitor a unique experience.

The pavilion may be a specific intervention or occupy the entire proposed range, and may contain the following functions:

  • Area of contemplation, where the main focus is nature. A space to look, hear and feel.
  • The design should consider accessibility, tours, as well asvariability over time.
  •  Rest area where the stresses of everyday life are eliminated.
  •  Restaurant space.
  •  Administration-meeting area and toilets.

Visit the Competition website for more information.