Submission Deadline

Architecture November 29, 2017

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

Dichterbij Velp is looking for an innovative concept that offers space for living, day care activities and leisure that fits the needs of its clients and employees. It must become a place where clients can receive care in a safe and sheltered environment. At the same time the new concept must have an open and transparent character that stimulates social integration and strengthens the connection with the inhabitants of Velp.

Dichterbij Velp is a Dutch healthcare organization that provides care for mentally disabled children and adults, for their parents and their network. The organization is active in the southern provinces of The Netherlands and offers a broad spectrum of care to their target groups. 

From residential locations to day care activities, from specialized tailor-fit therapy to group care. Dichterbij actively strives for an undivided society, in which people with mental disabilities participate fully. Dichterbij also encourages society to discover this group’s talents and opportunities.

For their location in Velp (a village located in the municipality of Grave, in the province of Noord Brabant, The Netherlands) Dichterbij is looking for innovative ideas and concepts for the spatial realization of care. With a location in the periphery of Velp, Dichterbij Velp aims for more connection and exchange with the community of Velp and increased social integration. In the current situation, the clients live in residential clusters, daily day care activities are organized mainly in the activity centre and there are little to no leisure facilities.

How can the spatial quality and the architectural layout of Dichterbij Velp contribute to a normal life for clients and a pleasant place to work for employees? How can a redeveloped area fuel sustainable connections with the nearby village of Velp and stimulate social integration?

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