Request for Proposal: Light Manufacturing Incubator


Submission Deadline

Design October 26, 2018

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

The City of Toronto is seeking a qualified not-for-profit partner or academic institution to develop, launch and operate a Light Manufacturing Incubator (LMI) at 390-440 Dufferin Street. The incubator will be focused on fostering the growth of Toronto-based manufacturing start-ups. To support the development and operation of the LMI, the City of Toronto will offer a range of benefits, including reduced lease rates, operating funds and partnership development support.

There are a range of challenges that next-gen manufacturers in Toronto face, including:

  • Lack of Production Experience: Manufacturing insights are difficult to come by and production challenges can be costly to resolve without experienced support.
  • Lack of Commercialization Space: For manufacturers that are beyond prototyping, but not ready for full-scale production, there is a lack of early-stage commercialization production space.
  • Supply Chain Support: There is a lack of connections and access to supply chain networks to assist manufacturers in sourcing and commercializing their products.
  • Export Markets: Exporting is essential given Canada’s relatively small market and large geography, but SMEs have difficulty navigating export markets and pursuing opportunities.
  • Access to Capital: Manufacturing is very capital intensive. Tools, equipment and machinery are expensive. Innovation in manufacturing is especially difficult to fund, and without prototypes and technical demonstrations of innovation, capital providers are unable to justify the financial risk of lending.

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