Serpentine Augmented Architecture


Submission Deadline

Architecture February 25, 2019

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

A global open-call for new forms of architecture in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture and Sir David Adjaye, OBE

Applicants are invited to propose imaginary city spaces and speculations on the built environment to be developed and experienced in augmented reality (AR) on site at the Serpentine Galleries in Summer 2019.

The reality of the city today is a complex layering of topologies where our physical and digital worlds collide. The digital has mechanised the architecture of the city to create an increasingly elaborate relationship between the built environment, networked technologies and human experience. Augmented reality presents a significant moment within architectural practice; one that radically challenges our understanding of city spaces and the environment by creating a highly visible interface between the physical and digital (infra)structures that surround us.

We invite you to consider the role and utility of AR within this complex topography of the city; as a digital layer that offers new opportunities for design, visualisation and experience. Proposals should explore how AR can be used to develop, transform and enact new ideas about how our cities and public spaces are designed.

Visit the Competition website for more information.