Smart Cities Challenge


Submission Deadline

Design June 10, 2018

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.


You are a driven start-up ready to take part in a bright adventure to improve our cities and make them smarter, more efficient, more sustainable… among other things! You know anything there is to know about IoT, AI, sensors, light, technology, smart cities and want to propose innovative ideas and solutions that will have a real impact on our everyday life? Then this challenge is for you!

Philips Lighting invites start-ups from across the world to join this new challenge – coming up with innovative ideas and solutions to answer the following problematic:

How can we use lighting networks to improve our cities and everyday life?

This is a unique opportunity to actively be part of shaping our future and play an important role for the next generations. Finalist start-ups will have the chance to pitch their project in front of Philips Lighting Top Executives and some of their major stakeholders such as Cisco, Icade, Crédit Agricole, Caisse des Dépôts or Sense City! And the winning start-up will be rewarded with the launch of a Marketing Campaign together with Philips Lighting worth up to €20,000!

Seize the opportunity to innovate in the Smart Light technology and come up with an idea that will not only be good for our planet but that will also benefit from and be based on the existing lighting infrastructure surrounding us!

We have listed below some questions you could answer to start imagining your project:

  • Does your idea already exist?
  • Is it technically feasible and cost effective: do I have all the required resources to make this idea happen in a short to medium term?
  • Is my project ‘service and business’ oriented? Who will you be targeting? Does it make sense?
  • Is it based on existing lighting infrastructure? What added value does it bring?
  • Is your project in line with your country current legislation in terms of data and privacy? (eg: European General Data Protection Regulation)

Don’t hesitate to think outside the box! Brand new and original projects are always most valued. Just keep in mind that your idea will need to integrate the implications and challenges of an open system, with regards to connectivity, interfaces between applications and city verticals, standards and procurement.

Visit the Competition website for more information.