Submission Deadline

Urbanism January 21, 2019

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

The subject of competition is an urban idea proposal of location Špitálka in Brno – Zábrdovice. The proposal in the range of urban study, which determines the range, form and functional use of the site including links to the surrounding, will be processed to the whole area of interest according to the competition brief. The proposal will fulfill requirements for the existing urban space including living functions and complemented by more functions and areas needed in location context.

Due to the importance of this location the area of interest and the concerned area need to be solved as a whole with designed links between the areas.

The subject of proposal is almost to find optimal use of this area with emphasis on sustainable development, maximum possible energy efficiency and self-sufficiency, adaptability to climate changes and social resilience. During creating the urban concept it is necessary to work with shaping of buildings in terms with heating losses, orientation to the world, take into account the outlook of Brno, existing and future noise pollution of location, all in order to ensure a healthy environment in this location.

The aim of the competition is to get a quality urban design and to find a solution which will be used for the next steps leading to the change of the Brno City Master Plan and change of the regulatory plan of the area. The solution is supposed to have unifying concept and long-term sustainability that naturally and functionally integrate whole area into the city‘s structure.

Announcer of the competition aims to find a solution that finds new functions for parts of the city to revitalize, improve citizen‘s lives and reduce the impact of activities on the environment. The announcer of the competition also expects an innovative approach in terms of sustainability, mobility and energy renewal.

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