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Architecture August 15, 2019 October 31, 2019

Material is the element that binds together to form an architecture that we appreciate every day. The ability to make good architecture is one, but being true to it till the material level is another. What stands out when we appreciate architecture rooted at the material level is the fact that, irrespective of scale/budget/limitations/challenges/design liberty, getting things elementally right – is what differentiates good architecture from the rest. Good spaces entice mental and emotional wellbeing, but materials are the interface to these good vibes. They constantly speak to our sense which gives us a feeling of positivity within.


Tactile is an Architecture Awards Programme that recognizes exceptional architecture at the material level. Tactile explores excellence in detailing of building design. The spotlight here is extended to details that are fundamental to any architectural design but often go undiscovered as the dialogue today around architecture is too broad to look at these.
Tactile aims to spread awareness about these small yet powerful innovations that makes architecture possible and the efforts of designers who make them.
Learn more on http://competitions.uni.xyz/tactile


Early Registration Closes: June 01, 2019
Standard Registration begins: June 02, 2019 40$
Public Voting Begins: June 02, 2019
Public Voting Ends: August 15, 2019
Standard Registration ends: August 15, 2019

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