Submission Deadline

Architecture September 14, 2018

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

The Čechova School is located at the intersection of the streets Na Kazance and Trojská next to the Kazanka estate. The building currently houses a first-level primary school and an eight-year grammar school. Such space-sharing has been common over the history of this school since its establishment in 1872, as well as in the life of this building that was ceremonially opened in 1928. For instance, after WWII, the building was home to a primary school and a kindergarten, alongside a library and an office of the city hall. The 1926 memorial to Jan Hus, by the sculptor Vilém Amort is an important listed monument on the site. The existing building has become insufficient due to the expansion of the facilities: for example, the staff rooms are small, the locker rooms not optimal, and the capacity of the cafeteria is not sufficient. Moreover, the two school schedules overlap, and this is not ideal.

The purpose of the competition is to optimise the existing facilities and to supplement their capacity according to the needs of the management. Separation of the primary school and the grammar schools is particularly important. Both must have a separate, barrier-free entrance logically oriented towards public space. In addition to the current plot no. 314/1 (labelled as no. 315 including the building) the school can also newly utilise plot no. 294/1 belonging to the city district, where it is possible to place facilities not directly associated with teaching (dining room, assembly hall, offices for the school psychologist and prevention officer). The city district would like to use this new construction as a community centre, where various ceremonies and cultural events of the city district can also be held. All proposed facilities must have adequate sanitary amenities. The Contracting Authority expects to invest CZK 50 million excluding VAT. This amount does not include the price of equipping the interior. The entry should pay close attention to the design in terms of both the capital and the operational budgets.

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