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The theme of this year’s UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition is Countryside Dilemmas: New Rural Planning. The countryside fundamentally challenges the paradigm of the architectural profession by requiring a more deeply ingrained role compared to being a city’s ‘service provider’. Rural context requires a skillset where economy, infrastructure, new and old technology, and culture have to work in unison, in order to generate new experiences.

The competition ask you to submit these ideas and/or the best case studies examples that challenge existing planning tradition to collectively build a library of the most relevant and interesting possibilities to give a new fundamentally revised view of the future of the countryside.

Design Requirements

  • Projects should propose new experimental planning formats and proposals in the countryside.
  • The plans should show engagement with and involvement of local communities with a social, economic, and new cultural component. Ideally you work directly with locals.
  • Projects should make use of new (digital) infrastructures in a novel way, not as a gimmick and have a relationship with popular (contemporary countryside) culture.
  • Projects should strongly consider their own economic and ecological sustainability and address this.
  • Format for presentation is a movie no longer than 2:00 minutes and three horizontal A1 boards (300 dpi, JPG format). The movie and boards have a free format.
  • Plans, sections, elevations and renderings can be used when relevant.
  • The movie is not allowed to show personally identifiable information, and your submission has to be subtitled in English.


Each submission should be composed of 3 drawings named according to the content (such as XXX plan 1).

Please include a site plan that can fully express the design intention; plans, elevations and sections; perspective drawing, illustration and a design description of about 500 words (to be integrated with the pictures and drawings). There is no limitation on proportion.

A TXT document must be attached in the e-mails of the submission, which include participants’ name, registration number, e-mail address, mobile phone number, name and contact information of the advisor (if any), the full name of the school and department, title and brief introduction of the submitted work.

Please submit one file in the format of zip or rar and the file size should be between 50MB-100MB. This file should contain three folders: (1) Drawing: Three drawings (2) Identity Certificate: Scanned ID photo (or Student Card and Passport) (3) Text (TXT).


This competition is open to all architecture and relevant major students around the globe. Full-time on-campus architecture students from accredited institutions (including master and PhD candidates and graduate students of 2021) can participate alone or as a team with team members of no more than four people and advisors of no more than two.


  • 1st Prize (1 team)
    • Certificate and 100,000 RMB (approx. 15,000 USD before tax)
  • 2nd Prize (3 teams)
    • Certificate and 30,000 RMB (approx. 4,500 USD before tax)
  • 3rd Prize (8 teams)
    • Certificate and 10,000 RMB (approx. 1,500 USD before tax)
  • Honourable Mentions (several teams)
    • Advisors of prize-winning projects will also be awarded certificates.
We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.
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