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Urbanism April 24, 2018 October 25, 2018

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

Notwithstanding the considerable changes in its economy and the political system, Russia is still dealing with the aftermath of Soviet housing policies. A majority of housing projects being constructed today consist of badly designed, uniform housing blocks. Only housing for the elite meets the standards that we have gotten used to in Western Europe in the last decades: custom designed contextual projects that create a pleasant environment with good urban spaces.

Brusnika Development (located in Ekaterinburg and with projects in 6 Russian cities) aims at changing this situation and is constructing high quality housing for affordable prices. It has worked with leading local architects and renowned foreign architectural companies. You can have a look at the work of Brusnika at www.brusnika.ru/about/

Together with the chief architect of the company, Bart Goldhoorn, Brusnika devised the Urban Block Standard: a new approach to mass housing that combines standardisation and customisation, and aims at bridging the gap between high cost custom designed housing and low cost standard housing. By applying architectural expertise at strategic moments in the design process we can reach a high architectural quality while keeping the advantages of standard design: predictability, speed and the possibility to improve designs over time.

Competition subject – Design of an architectural language for a collection of urban blocks
Brusnika has developed a system of standardisation and customisation of urban blocks. This consists of a large number of block volumes that can be used depending on different contexts (the collection). The architecture (facades and detailed massing) of this collection is the design task of this competition. The architectural language is a toolbox with which all modifications of the building volumes can be designed.

The aim of the competition – Selection of 2-5 winners
The aim of the competition is to select 2-5 companies with which Brusnika will engage in a long-lasting cooperation for the application of the architectural language in concrete projects and locations.

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