WA Awards 10+5+X 2019


Submission Deadline

Architecture January 19, 2019

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

Running now for its 30th Cycles, WA Awards 10+5+X is a well-established competition that gives its participants and winners a great opportunity to have their projects highlighted and recognised both among their peers and in the marketplace.

Given the International nature of World Architecture Community, participants from around the Globe and in particular from regions less covered by general or specialised media, get a chance to share and promote their projects, which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Awarding follows a very democratic procedure whereby available WA Jury Members’ and Previous Cycle Winners vote for the 10 and willing World Architecture Community members’ rate for the +5.

Since its redesign in July 2015 (22nd Cycle), WA Awards is split into 3 categories: WA Designed AwardsWA Realised Awards and WA Student Awards. This allows for better evaluation for the WA Jury members and a fairer competition among participants and their projects (i.e. comparing apples with apples).

Visit the Competition website for more information.