Winter Stations 2019: Migration


Submission Deadline

Design November 4, 2018

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

Winter Stations is an annual art and design competition open to international submissions for art installations to be exhibited along Toronto’s Kew and Balmy Beaches. Up to six submissions relating to this year’s theme of “Migration” will be selected.

This is a single-stage open international competition, welcoming artists, designers, architects and landscape architects to submit concept proposals for Winter Stations’ temporary artwork installations.

The WinterStations 2019 theme is Migration.

What is migration? Who migrates? Where do they migrate?

A simple definition of migration is the movement from one location to another with the intent of permanent or temporary settlement. But, of course, the concept and practice of migration is much more complex and layered than a simple definition.

Human migration involves the dispersal of populations across the globe. This has lead to the development of civilizations and their cultures, reflected in historical narratives and traditions passed on through generations as cultural landscapes shift and evolve. Migration is carried out by other animal species, including our own Canadian Geese, seeking out ideal habitats. Non-creatures also migrate: sand and water, thoughts, trends, music, film and fashion.

The theme of migration may explore many facets of migration, including the complex social issues that surround humanity’s shaping of our global society or the flight of animals or the exchange of ideas. Ultimately, migration is a story, much of it yet to be told.

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