Yilan Chair International Design Award 2018


Submission Deadline

Design August 23, 2018

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

The Yilan Chair International Design Award came about as a vehicle to convey the passion and hospitality of Yilan people as well as the natural beauty of the county’s mountain forests. Yilan County Government has linked the local natural features and living styles to fit the goals which Yilan County Government is striving for: a “children’s dreamland” and a “city of innovation” through the power of creative design. The Yilan Chair International Design Award was born for these purposes. The competition has also become the backbone of the local cultural and creative industry: a local design industry featuring furniture, stationary and toys.

Theme: Express the Features and Values of Yilan, and Focus on the Below Concepts:

  1. The Power of Design, Bringing Happiness and Changes

“A creative city” is our future vision, and we believe design can give us strength. Those humorous and heart-warming points will make people laugh. We invite people to think about how to solve practical problems or bring physiological/psychological happiness and changes in daily life by designing forms, colors, or creativity on the interactions and usage.

  1. The Respect and Care of the Multi-Cultural Groups

Building “Children’s Dreamland” is not only for children, but also for the future land where our next generation could live with happiness. To provide friendly and heart-warming designs on using habits, situations, we need to express respect and care to the multi-cultural groups which consists of different genders, age ranges, occupations, and people with disabilities.

  1. The Sustainability and Balance of the Environment

Environmental sustainability is one of the core concepts of Yilan County. The Yilan Chair International Design Award will support this idea by conducting its core concept: “Green Design and Forest Aesthetics ”. We invite applicants to create their works by natural materials such as wood, paper, cloth, bamboo, and rattan. Additionally, they have to think about the sustainable issues more deeply at the points of the manufacturing process, the materials, and the usage.

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