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Urbanism April 2, 2019 September 9, 2019

Progressing at the light speed our megacities don’t look anywhere close to what they are today. While cities grow in terms of infrastructure or development – mobility has to keep up. Cities might have shaped mobility in the past, but today its vice versa. In such times of technological advancement, these comfort boxes, have dominated for a very long period and evolved with society and its relevance to the same. While the transport has evolved – the presence of cars as a mode of transit has survived unusually long with almost zero competition. It’s when cities started experiencing the repercussions of too many cars – things have started to change. Innovations in this domain introduced a few alternatives that gained a reputation, none the less the number of cars did not budge. Cars that were made to make our lives easier are slowly bleeding out the public life of the city and now poison to not only public spaces but human life at large. With a substantial increase in the number of cars directly points towards a need in more space or parking. This is now putting a void in an already aggravating dense urban area, moving it into a nasty deadlock.

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