Young Bird Plan 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture International Design Competition


Submission Deadline

Design September 17, 2018

Please note that this competition has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for competitions.

The nature of work has fundamentally shifted. Therefore how to increase office space utilization and users’ productivity becomes a hot topic. We shall unceasingly pay attention to new ideas and trends in office culture. And we need to envision flexible products which are able to satisfy current requirements, people’s feeling, and future demands of change. This time, Young Bird Plan, cooperating with MATSU Group launches 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture System Design Competition. Participants are free to think and we are expected to meet with your flexible office furniture.

This competition invites all designers to conceive a collection of office furniture that consists of units which are able to be used with no less than four combinations. It shall be aesthetic, functional and delightful, and can make users’ work and life more ordely, productive, and efficient.

Meanwhile, all the materials, sizes, techniques and combinations applied to your projects shall be specified. A unique name of the design is important as well, because the winning entries will be further modified, produced and sold by professional teams of MATSU. Designer will retain the right of authorship.

Visit the Competition website for more information.