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Symposiums Los Angeles, CA, USA November 2, 2017 - November 3, 2017

Please note that this event has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for events.

A symposium on the future of aviation and the architecture of international airports

The airport is one of the most prominent forms of contemporary public architecture. The intensity and frequency of their use has come to surpass almost all other contemporary building types, as society depends on their regular operation and growth. These transportation hubs are not only essential to the livelihood of cities and regions, but to the individual lifestyles of a globalized population. The airport of the future needs to be an attractive urban destination that appeals to both the frequent flyers and local population.

International airports face extraordinary pressure to increase performance and enhance visitor experience, while reducing environmental impact. Airport design requires the production of highly functional and adaptable spaces, which can withstand intense daily use and constant advances in technology and society. Airports must be environmentally, socially and economically progressive, while remaining attractive to the general public.

In response to the surging appetite for global travel and the evolution of its complementary programs, aviation infrastructure is undergoing large-scale growth and refurbishment. Extensive renovations, expansions and the construction of brand new terminals demand an enormous amount of resources, but also offer extraordinary opportunities for value creation and innovation.

The Aerial Futures, Leading Edge Symposium invites thinkers, practitioners, and industry leaders to Los Angeles to share their work with a select group of international peers and a local audience. Hosted at the Architecture and Design Museum Los Angeles, participants will take part in a two-day symposium with lectures and curated panels discussions, professional workshops, and intimate networking events. The program will be supported by guided site visits at the Los Angeles International Airport, to explore first hand the impact of aviation and travel trends on the airport of the future.

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