A Body Measured Against the Earth




Exhibitions Chicago, IL, USA August 25, 2018 - April 7, 2019

The artists in this exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago stage encounters between the earth and the body — the primary tool at their disposal — to understand the land and their relationship to it. Ranging from physical interventions in the ground to conceptual documentations of travel and labour, their divergent practices reject a totalizing or objective view of the landscape, instead favouring embodied investigations of specific places, histories, and ideals. Titled after a quote from ecofeminist author and critic Rebecca Solnit, a body measured against the earth is drawn largely from the MCA’s collection. It takes inspiration from the ephemeral “earth-body” works staged by Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta in the 1970s and weaves legacies of land art and “walking art” with more recent work in conceptual photography and the moving image.

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