György Kepes Photographs: The MIT Years, 1946-1985




Exhibitions Cambridge, MA, USA March 21, 2018 - July 15, 2018

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György Kepes (1906-2001) was an artistic innovator, theorist, and educator whose work and ideas profoundly influenced art and design practice in the second half of the twentieth century. His work encompassed photography, painting, graphic and exhibition design, and a broad range of theoretical writing on art and design.

Kepes was at the forefront of photographic innovations that radically changed perceptions of photographic realism and the documentary function of photography. In his photographic output he experimented to great effect with camera-less images, various negative and print manipulation techniques, and methods of constructing photographic subjects with montage, collage, and plastic elements or found objects.

György Kepes Photographs: The MIT Years, 1946-1985, the second installation of Kepes’ photography at the Museum, focuses on the four decades he taught at MIT. Approximately 60 works have been selected from the artist’s vintage prints, later prints, and new prints from vintage negatives.

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