How to Differentiate your Practice




Workshops London, UK November 23, 2017

Please note that this event has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for events.

In an increasingly difficult landscape, architects need to find meaningful ways of standing out in the current market. In the current context, purpose driven business models offer a meaningful path forward. Leading business analysts from all over the world are demonstrating that this purpose driven economy is expanding at a dramatic rate, but the architecture profession has not fully yet embraced this concept.

Starting and surviving in today’s world is tough, but the businesses that figure it out have something in common: the pursuit of purpose, alongside the pursuit of profit. Purpose is a valuable tool for attracting and engaging employees, customers, and communities who value a company that does good.

In this talk we look at:

  • What is the purpose driven economy and how it can help you stand out
  • As a practice leaders, how can you connect with your own purpose
  • How you build your practice not from the ground up, but from the purpose up
  • How this can change what you do, today

Who is this for?

– You lead for a practice that could benefit from a purpose-led approach. You want to understand how purpose could benefit your business’ culture, brand or bottom line

– You’re on the purpose journey already as a sustainability or social responsibility professional, but want to take these ideas into the core of your company’s strategy

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