Let’s talk about… Parking




Lectures Calgary, AB, Canada September 13, 2018

Parking is a complex topic, but it’s something we ponder…often. We think of parking as a “quantity” in relation to a place. But what urban and design factors influence our desire for parking, and how?

Join us as we take a second look at parking: how we store, and where, and why. We’re curious to understand why we’ve become so attached to parking, and to peek into the future of what parking might look like as transportation technologies evolve over time.

Moderated by Aaron Betsky from the School of Architecture at Talesin, the panel includes Ali McMillan (Bridgeland Community Association), Alkarim Devani (RNDSQR), Reachel Knight (Calgary Parking Authority), and Judy MacDougall (Kasian). Together, they will examine people’s attachment to parking and envision the future of parking.

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