Listen Hear: The Art of Sound




Exhibitions Boston, MA, USA March 8, 2017 - September 5, 2017

Please note that this event has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for events.

 Listen Hear: The Art of Sound features 12 artists and architects from around the world who use a broad range of approaches to sound art. It will feature ten installations of sound art – eight designed to be experienced inside the Museum. The two others will be off-site, public art works: a free app that offers an immersive sound walk of the Back Bay Fens, the urban park system adjacent to the Museum; and a sound environment installed at the Ruggles MBTA transit station. Several works are conceived as site-specific installations for the Museum’s spaces including the Courtyard, the Dutch Room, the Tapestry Room and Hostetter Gallery, among others.

Listen Hear will feature works by a dozen emerging and established artists and architects who approach the art of sound from various perspectives: visual arts, architecture, landscape, design, and music. Among them are: Philip Beesley, Toronto; Moritz Fehr, Berlin; David Grubbs, New York City; Elisa Hamilton, Arlington, MA; Ernst Karel, Boston; Lee Mingwei, Paris; Helen Mirra, San Francisco; O & A, (Bruce Odland, Hudson, NY and Sam Auinger, Berlin); Philippe Rahm, Paris; Teri Rueb, Buffalo, NY; Su-Mei Tse, Berlin.

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