Mohammad al-Asad Lecture




Lectures Cambridge, MA, USA October 5, 2018

Please note that this event has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for events.

Entitled “The Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE): A Twenty-Year Journey,” this presentation on the history of CSBE, an independent non-profit think / do tank founded and directed by Mohammad al-Asad, takes place at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

CSBE focuses on exploring how fields connected to the built environment, including architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, heritage conservation, and construction technologies, can enhance the public good. In doing so, CSBE has been involved in collecting, documenting, and processing data; carrying out research projects; disseminating accumulated knowledge and information through print and online publications, lectures, workshops, as well as courses; and implementing pilot projects.

The presentation will focus on how CSBE has worked on realizing its goals since its inception in Jordan about two decades ago. These goals could not be realized merely through striving for technical proficiency. There also has been a need to develop appropriate internal financial and administrative systems, as well as navigating complex and continuously-changing legal environments. In addition, the importance of grasping available opportunities for collaboration and the development of support networks with relevant organizations and individuals cannot be underestimated.

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