Ranjani Mazumdar: Slums in the Cultural Imaginary




Lectures Cambridge, MA, USA September 20, 2018

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Ranjani Mazumdar, Professor of Cinema Studies at the School of Arts & Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, delivers this keynote at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Drawing on works from different geographies and periods, this critical analysis of the representation of slums in film and music, will reflect upon the cultural construction and perceptions of slums that lie at the centre of the conference.

This presentation is part of Slums: New Visions for an Enduring Global Phenomenon, a symposium being held at Harvard University from September 20-22, 2018 that will challenge participants to discuss the range of perceptions and systemic changes needed to re-imagine integrative urban and social landscapes, as well as the labor and land markets that most often underpin the formation of slums. The talk will also feature commentary by Janice Perlman, President, The Mega-Cities Project and Brodwyn Fisher, Professor of Latin American History, University of Chicago, with moderation by George ‘Mac’ McCarthy, President and CEO, the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.


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