Rogan Gregory: Known Unknown




Exhibitions NYC, NY, USA September 13, 2018 - October 22, 2018

Please note that this event has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for events.

This survey of new work by Rogan Gregory at R & Company takes place at the 64 White Street location, where it comes to life as an immersive installation spanning from the top level of the gallery down three stories to the lower level. Gregory finds inspiration in the biological, geological and extraterrestrial forms he discovers in his travels, and draws references from the cosmos and how extraterrestrials are personified in pop culture. This exploration has led to a series of sculptural works that examine themes of morphology through their fluidity and organic process of creation.

Often working by hand in his studio in the tradition of the masters, Gregory pairs classic sculptural mediums such as wood, bronze and stone with materials such as beach sand, igneous rocks and composite materials that he sources and creates. The contrast of polished technology with anthropomorphic pigmentation define the subtle palette of the show with bronze, stainless steel, natural woods, raw resin and bright terrazzo. Merging both contemporary sculpture and design, Rogan simultaneously creates practical tools and abstract forms that question our perception of function and utility.

Suspended from the ceiling on the top floor is a constellation of amorphic light sculptural forms that cascade down a 40-foot drop and float weightlessly in the air over the subterranean gallery level. Immersed in the lower gallery are biomorphic lights that resemble mystified extraterrestrials and illuminate when they are touched as well as a series of carved wooden furniture in irregular forms. Installed on the wall is a monumental climbing wall made out of bronze, resin and stone. Together the relationship of Rogan’s designs creates an environment that encourages visitors to explore the known and question the unknown.

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