Hannah Beachler with Jacqueline Stewart




Lectures Cambridge, MA, USA October 4, 2018

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Hannah Beachler, the prolific production designer who designed Marvel’s blockbuster and highly influential Black Panther for director Ryan Coogler, speaks with Jacqueline Stewart, a professor in the Cinema and Media Studies department at the University of Chicago. In this Rouse Visiting Artist Lecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design, the two will discuss Beachler’s past and future work, which includes Creed, the spinoff from the Rocky film series starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, also directed by Coogler; and the upcoming pilot for FX’s Y: The Last Man, a comic book adaptation by director Melina Matsoukas.

Stewart’s research and teaching explore African American film cultures from the origins of the medium to the present, as well as the archiving and preservation of moving images, and “orphan” media histories, including nontheatrical, amateur, and activist film and video. She directs the Southside Home Movie Project and the Cinema 53 screening and discussion series, and is also Director of the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at University Chicago and co-curator of the L.A. Rebellion Preservation Project at the UCLA Film and Television Archive. She also serves as an appointee to the National Film Preservation Board.


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