Exhibitions Albuquerque, NM, USA October 19, 2018 - November 16, 2018

This solo exhibition of work by New York and Houston-based architecture firm SCHAUM/SHIEH takes place at the University of New Mexico’s School of Architecture and Planning. The process of ‘blanking’ – a term from metal fabrication – forms a shape that can be adapted and altered for a range of specific uses. This exhibit, then, is an experiment in the formation of ideas: by actualizing the potential in one work to speak with another, the exhibition reaches aspiringly to form ideas that are possible, but not necessarily self-evident. It includes images and models of the firm’s recently completed works in Houston, Transart and White Oak Music Hall; drawings from Sponge Urbanism, a speculative plan for Detroit; Island Irredenta, a collection of imaginary projects in Taiwan; and materials for Shenandoah House, an upcoming private residence and writers retreat in Virginia.

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