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Past Issues
May/June 2024
If two realms of work can be said to occupy opposite sides of the spectrum, they might be the industrial factory and the A.I. company. Standout examples of both types of workplace are featured in our latest issue.
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Mar/Apr 2024
Simply put, this issue argues that we need more options, in everything from housing to healthcare to education. Can we create more options for how we house ourselves? For how we approach the housing and care needs of our aging populations who are especially fragile? For how we teach architecture to begin with?
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Jan/Feb 2024
In this issue, we highlight homes that encourage personal expression and communal engagement — all of them specific to their particular contexts.
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Nov/Dec 2023
In the magazine world, there is always the temptation to identify “emerging talents” or “change agents,” to seek people at the tipping point of their careers, before they are known entities. With AZURE’s Nov/Dec 2023 issue, we tried to move past these marketing hooks to shine a light on people doing great work that we wanted to tip our hats to.
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Sept/Oct 2023
In our 300th issue, we look at the rich history of social housing in Vienna, exciting new commercial developments in Detroit, and how Naples has put art and architecture at the centre of its subway expansion.
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Azure July August 2023
July/August 2023
Throughout the pages of this AZ Awards issue, you will encounter marvels that boldly address both problems and possibilities.
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May/June 2023
The expectation that people will keep their heads down at their workstations from nine to five with the occasional jaunt to the water cooler or sojourn in a group meeting has gone the way of the cubicle. Offices, post-lockdown, need to be places that provide mental and spiritual sustenance. And those featured in this issue do exactly that.
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Mar/Apr 2023
In assembling the stories in this issue about circular design, one word kept coming up: value. By rethinking “value,” we’re also reclaiming our own values. If we want to strive for a healthier planet, one that is more ethical and sustainable, we have several examples to follow — and this issue is brimming with them.
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Azure January February 2023 issue cover
Jan/Feb 2023
In preparing this edition of Azure, the first of the year and the latest of our popular annual houses issues, we sought out to present a diversity of typologies.
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Azure Magazine November December 2022 Cover: The Residential Interiors Issue
Nov/Dec 2022
When we think about home, we often think of its comforts — especially during the winter months. How can we craft interiors to maximize a sense of spiritual warmth? The stories in this issue present a myriad of approaches to sculpting space within a range of footprints.
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Sept/Oct 2022
From Toronto's landmark Ace Hotel to an inviting — and remarkably sustainable — furniture factory in Oslo, the most important new cultural projects have multiple raisons d’être. In our Sept/Oct 2022 issue, we celebrate the common goal at their hearts: bringing people in and together.
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July/August 2022
The 12th annual AZ Awards recognize excellence in architecture, landscape, design, interiors, environmental leadership, social good and more.
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We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.