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Graphic Design October 12, 2017 Improbable London, UK

Please note that this job has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for jobs.

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The physical world is a staggeringly complex environment, comprised of countless levels of dynamic, interacting systems. This evolving interconnectivity presents economic and security challenges to leaders, who strive to make the best decisions to support their interests.

Improbable believes that massive, persistent simulations can transform the complex and often insecure world that we occupy, helping leaders to make better decisions. The virtual worlds we build have the potential to deliver previously unachievable foresight and enable a more prosperous and secure planet – an optimised world.

Our technology is being deployed by progressive game studios, FTSE 250 companies and the most critical government institutions across the world.

As a global technology, we have an internationally diverse workforce, unified by our desire to achieve extraordinary things. Fulfilling our long-term vision requires solving some of the most interesting and difficult problems on earth; the journey towards an optimised world provides continuous progression and development opportunities for our world class problem solvers.


As a Designer in the Enterprise team at Improbable, you will evoke the energy and ambition of our vision, crafting imagery and designs that unlock our customers’ creativity and do justice to our technology which is shaping entire new realities. You will work across both digital and print, focusing on expressing the brand and bringing magic and beauty to our work. A key challenge will be grappling with the complexities of our technology and finding ways to translate them into intuitive and arresting imagery which speaks to our audience.As a small team in a dynamic startup, we’re looking for someone who’s enthusiastic about participating in a range of design activities, from creating artwork to designing sales materials. Everything you do will be a key part of shaping Improbable’s emergent messaging and identity.

Other responsibilities of the role include:

  • Working with Enterprise business development to generate promotional content
  • Develop visual styles, icons and interfaces for use in products developed by EBU engineering
  • Explore and iterate on designs to ensure the final look and feel of all EBU creative reflects our brand.
  • Work with other designers to explore and iterate on concepts, from initial concept to final look and feel.
  • Champion design throughout the company and persuade others of the importance of design finesse.
  • We’re looking for someone focused primarily on visual design, but who’s happy to contribute to all stages of the design as needed


  • Experience and interest in graphic design
  • Evidence of exploring and iterating on designs, drawing on a wide range of inspiration.
  • Demonstrates the ability to understand user needs and ensure aesthetics support usability.
  • Experience with designing booklets, posters and other marketing paraphernalia as needed.
  • Ability to create a unique brand, distinct from your personal style, and stay true to it in many different contexts
  • A knack for finding visual metaphors to communicate complex technical concepts
  • The vision to generate illustrative content to express our ideas

The following would be advantageous:

  • Experience designing user flows and navigation structures
  • Strong interest in data visualisation and UI