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Graphic Design September 5, 2018 Heatherwick Studio London, UK

Please note that this job has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for jobs.

Heatherwick Studio is looking for a Head of Communication to join the Project Enabling team. This role will be the creative and strategic mind behind all visual communication for the studio’s projects.

Your role:

You role is to provide a strategic vision for how studio project represents and communicates the uniqueness of each design intent to its highest level, while taking into account the purpose and audience of communication, the appropriate tools, as well as the cultural and political contexts that influence project success.

You will be working in one or more project teams to define the visual deliverables, from concept through to project launch, and to implement a consistently high quality visual communication approach throughout.

You will be working closely with Project Enabling, in particular the Visual Communication team, to develop integrated processes, training, digital tools and libraries that facilitate internal capabilities for high quality project delivery within specific time and financial constraints.

You will also be working with Project Enabling and Digital Systems to develop a suite of physical and digital visual communication tools, to ensure project delivery incorporating expert and relevant cutting-edge technologies.

Your responsibilities:

– Project Visual Communication Leadership:

Project visual strategy: Develop a visual strategy for all projects at all stages, to ensure the core visual deliverables, languages and technological challenges are understood.

Visual Deliverables: Participating in project teams to deliver, oversee and/or advice on visual deliverables and workflows to make sure the teams are engaging with relevant tools for achieving the necessary quality and targets.

Mentoring & Training: Educate and mentor project team on all topics of visual communication. Identify relevant training and support needs, develop and implement appropriate training plans.

Visual communication resources: Ensure every project has appropriate level of visual communication skills to achieve the desired deliverables, including input from designers and appropriate deployment of specialist visual communication team skills.

– Studio wide Visual Communication excellence:

Visualisation standards: Develop standards for visuals of all purposes all appropriate tools whilst maintaining a strong overview of best practices for visualisation both in the UK and internationally.

Visual communication team development: Lead on defining and developing roles within the Visual Communication team, and ensure project teams are supported on all types of visual communications activities.

Visual materials library: Develop and structure project visual and graphics materials for the development of the digital and physical visual reference library.

Design Review participation: Participate in project design reviews on a regular basis to promote excellence in visual communication, for internal and external communication, across all the studio’s projects.

Expertise research and development: Research, develop and communicate new digital tools to ensure the studio is equipped with and participating in developing cutting-edge technologies that facilitates project delivery and success.

External visualizer network: Connect with, and be able to recommend, relevant external visualizers, capable of facilitating studio’s project visualisation requirements on a short and long-term basis.

Training: To collaborate with Group Leader(s), HR, and Head of Project Enabling in developing training and support framework for designers, and contribution to the CPD programme.

– Knowledge Management:

Engage with the wider industry’s visual communication bodies, maintain current knowledge of emerging technologies and apply current knowledge of emerging technologies to problem solving on projects.

Promote excellence in continuing professional development and ensure Project Leader(s) are familiar with emerging best practice to allow them to deliver technical excellence.

Participate in learning activities, keep abreast of current technological developments and regularly attend internal studio talks and workshops.

Share knowledge, experience and lessons learned across the team and the wider studio.

 – Studio Contribution

Contribute proactively to wider studio projects and initiatives.

Develop and maintain positive and professional relationships, internally and externally.

Contribute to promoting the studio culture.

Represent the values of the studio in internal and external activities.

Develop and maintain positive and professional relationships with both internal and external teams.

Your skills, experience and attributes:

  • Proven track experience in a visual communication role within a creative industry
  • Experience in successfully leading, managing and executing highly creative visual projects
  • Experience in collaborating with artist/designers of multi-disciplines
  • Competence and clarity in communicating ideas and architectural design narratives through physical and digital tools.
  • Experience in design communication that considers project’s unique identity and value, as well as responding to client concerns and needs.
  • Experience in integrative visual and graphics communication through effective use of physical and digital tools.
  • Familiar with the range of computer rendering and animation software including their relative merits and processing techniques.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of 3d software, rendering and Gaming engines, and experience in developing these tools to facilitate effective design communication and presentations.
  • Good knowledge of Post Production Software – Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc.
  • Demonstrable experience of interfacing with developers and have an extensive industry network and links with Software developers and Visualisation companies.
  • Experience of inspiring and steering teams toward a desired outcome; effective team and people leadership and management.
  • Experience of delivering training and supporting the development of others.
  • Engaged, inquisitive and interested in innovative design projects.
  • Empathy for great design, strong visual skills, with attention to detail, composition, light, colour and form.
  • Clear and evocative design idea communication.
  • Strategic and critical thinking.
  • Resilient and determined.
  • Active listening and clear communication.
  • Calm, mature and professional
  • Analytical with a proactive approach to problem solving.
  • Strong leadership skills, with an interest in nurturing and developing others.
  • Listener and team player, collaborative.
  • Pushing boundaries.

Please apply with a CV and covering letter stating your salary expectations.

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