Multimedia Set Designer


Date Posted



Industrial Design August 22, 2018 Moment Factory Montreal, QC, Canada

Please note that this job has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for jobs.

The Multimedia Set Designer acts as an ‘idea man’ concerning the visual and set design effects. He assists the Director and offers conceptual approaches for the projects. The holder of the position has an increased concern of the Multimedia integration into architecture in order to hide the technical aspects.
1. Participation to the creative process:
• To initiate the creative process giving masters ideas during brainstorming;
• To elaborate sketches, plans, 3D construction graphs, construction details to express set design and technical aspects of the projects;
• To propose technical solutions while respecting artistic direction and budget;
• To create design intention plans in order to share them within the department and to communicate with other people involved;
• To participate to the projects pre-tests workshops (i.e. visual presentation to the client).
2. Research and Development:
• Technological monitoring: must be on the lookout for news in Set Design, Multimedia and Architecture.
3. Act as a resource in his field of expertise for the team:
• To assist, train, guide and build a product linked with his knowledge and expertise;
• To adapt his professional experience according to the various projects at Moment Factory.
• Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Arts, 3D animation and Digital Design (knowledge in Set Design, Environment Design, Industrial Design);
• Basic training in Construction Design and/or in Architecture is an asset;
• Advanced skills in French and English, both written and spoken;
• 3 years experience in Set Design within the theater industry or in general staging;
• Knowledge of Autocad and Sketchup softwares;
• Very good skills in the multimedia and architectural sectors;
• Drawing skills.
• Being able to perceive and understand spaces and dimensions;
• Capacity to work in short notice;
• Highly creative mind;
• General knowledge in art and culture;
• High interest in teamwork.