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Urban Planning January 19, 2018 Metrolinx Toronto, ON, Canada

Please note that this job has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for jobs.


Closing date: Friday February 2, 2018

Established in 2012, the Metrolinx Design Review Panel (MDRP) in part of a multi-pronged strategy to integrate design excellence into its significant capital investments. The goal is to build upon a tradition of excellence in both technical and functional design by focusing on architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture to promote a consistent and elevated customer experience.
The approach includes:

  • integrating design excellence into corporate procurement and project evaluations;
  • ensuring appropriate design guidelines are in place to direct consultants, staff, and decision-makers; and
  • a corporate design review process, including a design review panel comprised of subject matter experts.

Metrolinx is implementing the largest expansion of a regional transportation network in North America. To support this program we are looking to expand our roster of panelists. The MDRP is seeking seven (7) new full members and four (4) adjunct members:

  • Architect
  • Architect (specializing in transportation)
  • Landscape Architect (2)
  • Urban Designer/Planner (Architect, Landscape Architect or Planner)
  • Sustainability Professional
  • Civil Engineer

All applicants are required to meet the following qualifications:

  • Excellence in design as demonstrated through leadership in proposed and built projects
  • A minimum of 8 years relevant professional experience
  • Membership in a relevant professional associations based Ontario or equivalent in other jurisdictions
  • Ability to provide critical and objective comments and contribute to dialogue that furthers the level of excellence in submitted projects
  • Ability to consistently attend MDRP meetings
  • Ability to acknowledge any conflict of interests as per MDRP Terms of Reference.

The time commitment for all full Panel members is approximately monthly for a 2-3 hour per session. Each meeting is focused on a single project or a small group of related projects. Adjunct members will be expected to participate in up to four (4) meetings per year. The term for each Panel member is three (3) years. All MDRP meetings are currently planned to be held at the 97 Front Street West offices of Metrolinx.
The objective of the Metrolinx Design Review Panel is to address quality, consistency and integration of all facets of design excellence across all Metrolinx programs to ensure an elevated customer experience through design excellence, and ensure a unified and recognizable regional connected transportation network. The program is a key component in Metrolinx’s build program.

To apply by February 2, 2018, candidates are required to submit the following:

  • Covering letter explaining your interest in participating in the Metrolinx Design Review Panel and your interest in Metrolinx projects
  • A CV covering your qualifications and experience
  • A document showing no more than five (5) examples of relevant work or projects.

Address submissions to Monique Cadogan at

For a digital copy of the MDRP Terms of Reference address inquiry to Monique Cadogan at