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Please note that this has expired and is for reference only. See our active listings for more jobs.

The focus of our Building service group is to provide energy consulting and mechanical design services for Passive House, Net-Zero, and low-energy-use projects throughout Canada. To meet the growing demand for our services, we are looking for a knowledgeable and enthusiastic individual to add to our team of dedicated professionals. This individual will collaborate closely with the Vice-President that will help build our Passive House consulting service so we can better serve the active Passive House community in Canada.  

The successful candidate will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of a project that relate to Passive House, from schematic design (preliminary modeling) through to occupancy and into operation. This includes educating the project team, leading Passive House meetings/workshops, carrying-out (or overseeing) preliminary and detailed energy modeling (using PHPP or WUFI Passive), product selection support, detailed design review (architectural, mechanical, electrical, structural), contractor training, site reviews, and correspondence with certifying organizations (PHI, PHIUS).  

This individual must be a self-starter, that can work independently without relying on guidance from others to complete daily tasks. As a relatively new field in Canada, the Passive House Consultant / Designer will help develop this service within the company, helping shape the approach, processes, and procedures we use to deliver Passive House and Net-Zero building solutions to our clients. The successful candidate must also be able to oversee 1 to 2 junior support staff, providing daily oversight and direction, as well as ongoing training and mentorship. The support staff will serve as resources to the Passive House Consultant /Designer assisting with energy and thermal bridge modelling, design reviews, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Oversee/manage all aspects of Passive House projects from schematic design (preliminary modeling) through to occupancy and into operation 
  • Develop/improve company Passive House processes, procedures, deliverables, and templates to standardize and streamline our Passive House and energy modeling services 
  • Liaise with clients and other consultants, and attend (or lead when necessary) design and construction meeting 
  • Educate clients, other consultants, and Zon team members (when necessary) 
  • Carry-out energy modeling using the following software: 
  • DesignPH 2.0 
  • Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) 
  • WUFI Passive / Plus 
  • Complete thermal bridge assessments using Flixo or Therm 
  • Prepare reports (in English) for presentation to clients and other consultants including: 
  • Energy and financial analysis reports 
  • Design review reports (including hygrothermal and thermal bridging assessments) 
  • Constriction review reports (including airtightness test reports) 
  • Provide Passive House support from the start to finish of a project including: 
  • Architectural and enclosure recommendations 
  • Mechanical system recommendations (heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water) 
  • Electrical system recommendations (lighting, elevators, MELs) 
  • Construction installation and detailing 
  • Review project drawings, specifications, and documentation 
  • Create construction details and other graphics by hand, or in Sketchup/Autocad/Revit/Other to aid design teams and educate other individuals  
  • Maintain detailed and organized notes, design calculations and other documentation for future reference 
  • Assemble and submit certification packages to PHI and PHIUS certifiers for review 
  • Carry out design and product research  
  • Present (from time-to-time) at industry networking sessions (e.g. PHPP User Group, Boots on the Ground) 

Education and Experience 


  • 3 to 5 years of demonstrating Passive House Consulting experience 
  • Passive House Certification: 
  • Certified Passive House Design (CPHD) or Consultant (CPHC) designation with the PassiveHouse Institute (PHI), or  
  • Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) with the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) 
  • Extensive experience using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and/or WUFI Passive energy modeling software 
  • Extensive experience carrying out thermal bridge analysis using Flixo or Therm 


  • P.Eng., C.E.T., or C.Tech. designation in the Province of Ontario (or in the process of obtaining one of these designations) 
  • “PHPP Expert” designation with the Passive House Institute (PHI) 
  • “Passive House Certifier” designation with the Passive House Institute (PHI) 
  • Valid “PHIUS+ Verifier” certification with the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)

Specialized Knowledge and Abilities 


  • Comprehensive knowledge of the PHI and PHIUS energy standards 
  • Proficient in the use of: 
  • Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) or WUFI Passive 
  • Flixo or Therm 
  • Strong leadership skills and a keen interest in developing a rapidly growing service 
  • Exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail 
  • Excellent communications skills: interpersonal, listening, oral, and written 
  • Able to work with minimal supervision, efficiently scheduling and managing time and the time of other support staff 
  • Strong understanding of architectural assemblies and components, as well as, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems 
  • Skilled in PC usage and associated software including Microsoft Office and SketchUp 
  • Able to generate layout drawings from sketches and specifications 

Physical Demands 

  • The Passive House Designer/Consultant must be able to concentrate for extended periods paying close attention to detail 
  • The employee is regularly required to sit while performing the duties of this job 
  • The employee will be required to drive an automobile to meetings and project sites, climb stairs/ladders and traverse on construction sites and building roof-tops to review construction details. Any safety training required for this work will be provided to the employee.  

Application Requirements 

Please submit an electronic application to [email protected] This position will remain available until it is filled.  

Your application must include the following documents: 

  • A cover letter stating your interest, experience, and reason for applying to this position 
  • A resume (or CV) indicating your qualifications and prior work experience
  • A detailed list of the Passive House projects that you have been involved with  
  • Valid Certified Passive House Design (CPHD) or Consultant (CPHC) certificate from PHI or PHIUS 
  • References (typically 3) from individuals you have worked with in the past (preferably from those who supervised your work) 
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