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Perkins&Will are seeking a Senior Urban Designer to join their team in Austin, Texas. Your skills and passion will come to life through the following responsibilities:

  • Responsible for leading all phases of the design process with a high level of proficiency and expertise while adhering to firm and project goals and standards of excellence in design, execution, and living design.
  • Manage project teams, fosters collaboration, and demonstrates strong and effective communication and direction which inspires high team performance, design ideas, and successful project delivery.
  • Define, monitor, and maintain control of the scope of work and services for the project including project schedule and work plan both to direct the project team and the client team.
  • Lead efforts in developing, validating, and negotiating project scope and fee, budget, and scope of services during the marketing and contract development process.
  • Participate in marketing opportunities and begins to develop successful client experiences.
  • Responsible for meeting or exceeding the financial goals established for the project and providing timely and appropriate information to Project Accountant to initiate invoicing.
  • Coordinate with other local governments and recommends approval or denials of proposals.
  • Meet with public officials and the public regarding development plans and land use.
  • Educate civic leaders and the public about the details of the projects scheduled for their communities.
  • Interpret gathered data and research.
  • Analyze sites, programs, and other key project elements through quantitative and qualitative means.
  • Develop analytical and design drawings throughout the design process using analog (through sketching and physical modelling) and digital means (through digital analyses, sketching, and modelling).
  • Collaborate with client and/or public to create strategic planning options.
    Strategize, outline, mockup, and develop design documentation including creating and interpreting maps and diagrams, master plan reports, design guidelines, and client-ready presentation materials.
  • Coordinate all aspects of project deliverables.
  • Review, evaluate, and integrate zoning and policy requirements into project design.
  • Develop strategies for key urban frameworks and systems including but not limited to circulation, open space, buildings, and infrastructure.
  • Perform advanced development calculations according to specified standards and proposed development controls.
  • Lead project-related client and public discussions and presentations.
  • Monitors the performance of the project team and approach to ensure quality standards and design goals are being met.
  • Mentor staff.
  • Exercise creative judgment in all aspects of the design process.
  • Participate actively within collaborative team settings such as: casual team interactions, design charettes, reviews, and pin-ups.
  • Keep open communication within the team.
  • Communicate ideas and thoughts in a way that inspires others.
  • Effectively coordinates with other design partners and consultants.

To join them, you should have:

  • A professional degree in Architecture and a Masters in Urban Design or Planning.
    10-15+ years of experience.
  • Experience working with clients and consultants.
  • Knowledge of GIS, CAD, 3D computer modelling and graphic design (e.g., Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, SketchUp, InDesign and Photoshop), including Revit LEED GA or AP accreditation within 6 months of hire.
  • AIA, or AICP Certification.


  • Bachelor or better in Architecture.
  • Licensed Architect.
  • Certified Planner Certification.
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We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.
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