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As an Urban Designer/Architect, you will be responsible for design and technical production on projects of varying scales. This will encompass conceptual design on master plans and other urban design projects, the production of technical drawing sets, and urban design guidelines that clearly illustrate the design and planning intent both visually and in writing.

Join us on this mission if you are an Urban Designer/Architect who has:

  • A professional degree in urban design and/or planning (architecture and landscape degrees will also be considered)
  • 3+ years experience in large-scale urban design and planning projects 
  • Experience working on public realm projects, including both the horizontal (street, landscape and public space design), and vertical (architecture, massing and façade articulation) and is able to bridge multiple disciplines at the same time 
  • Experience in developing technical planning documents including urban design guidelines and detailed site plans, sections, axonometrics and diagrams
  • Experience in coordinating multiples consultants at once including mobility, civil, infrastructural, financial, and zoning
  • Experience in communicating clearly and confidently the urban design and planning vision and goals to diverse clients, public officials and the general public, both orally and in writing
  • Experience working with zoning, approvals and political process in multiple jurisdictions a plus
  • Experience with leading community engagement efforts a plus
  • Able to work with multiple teams to provide guidance on design, technical development and approvals processes
  • Work closely with the directors and partners on advancing agenda on the future of cities, including urban design and planning trends, sustainability, resiliency, mobility, ecology, infrastructure, etc
  • Work with business development team on urban planning and design RFQs and proposals
  • Work with recruiting to hire talented urban designers/planners
  • Create excitement and interest around urban design and planning
  • Mentor more junior-level urban designers/planners

Be able to:

  • Lead the conceptual design and technical development of large-scale urban design and planning projects including new neighborhoods and districts, smart cities and public realm improvements.
  • Give shape to large-scale urban infill projects and new cities, with a keen understanding of context, programming and mixed-use building typologies and dimensions.  
  • Design the public realm incorporating forward-looking mobility solutions and people-centric urban design, including streets, corridors, greenways, and waterfronts.
  • Prepare supporting planning materials (design and technical, visual and written) for environmental and approvals documents in accordance with NEPA,SEPA, CEQR, ULURP, etc;
  • Prepare presentation materials for public engagement and various stakeholder groups;  
  • Formulate and conduct complex planning studies in a timely and efficient manner and present results in concise, well-written documents and visually appealing presentations.

At BIG, we value and encourage the following qualities:

  • Be proactive – take initiative, do research and don’t be afraid to try new things; prevent issues rather than just fix them  
  • Be reliable – be someone leadership can trust to deliver on any task 
  • Be accountable – from the big picture to the day to day, from production and team morale to liaising with Ops, own the decisions you make 
  • Be consistent – prove you can do it, and then do it again and again 
  • Be tenacious – be committed, show up, contribute with passion, do your best, get stuff done and don’t give up 
  • Be independent – don’t be afraid to ask questions but be able to take a task or project and run with it 
  • Be clever – be smart, know your stuff, think critically, keep the big picture in mind, figure things out and look up new knowledge, stay updated and be curious  
  • Be nice – be a team player and a good colleague, be honest, respect your colleagues, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun! 
  • Be generous – share your knowledge and skills with other BIGsters and mentor others when you can 
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We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.
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