Curv Ceiling Baffles by EzoBord

Curv Ceiling Baffles by EzoBord
Custom curved baffle in 12mm Tree Bark.

Curv is a vertical ceiling baffle system by EzoBord that offers endless customization options. The cost-effective, high-efficiency system adds both acoustical performance and a distinctly design-forward aesthetic to any commercial or institutional interior, from offices and public spaces to atria and indoor pools. Curv can contribute to any architectural work that needs high acoustical performance and designer’s touch.

Wolle Realty Office. Photo by David Briggs Photography.

Designers can choose for length, width and layer quantity as well as material thickness: the sheets come in 9mm or 12mm options but can also be layered together. They can also specify colour (23 options are available), pattern/cut and digital or textural prints.

Top Hat Office. Design by Ray Inc. Photo by Vincent Lions Photography.

Made from polyester, with half of its content derived from recycled water/soda bottles, and manufactured without the use of formaldehydes, adhesives or other bonding agents, nor VOCs, EzoBord is an environmentally conscious material for interiors.

EzoBord is distributed in Canada by Ayrsonics. Find out more about Curv and EzoBord here:

12mm Charcoal Grey Baffles.