Coverings 2016 Preview: 10 Tiles from Top Brands

Coverings 2016 Preview: 10 Tiles from Top Brands

Coverings 2016 opens Monday, April 18, for another four-day run at McCormick Place in Chicago. North America’s largest stone and tile expo is bigger and better than ever, with more than 1,100 exhibitors lined up for this year’s edition. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the products you’ll see from top Italian brands such as Casamood, Brix and Sicis.


Azure Coverings 2016 Preview Edimax

1 Texture by Edimax
Swirling and subtle shading plays up the textures of these porcelain tiles, available in  Bianco, Grigio, or Anthracite) and five sizes.


Azure Coverings 2016 Preview Fap

2 Lumina by Fap 
This light-catching line combines an all0white palette with four 3-D texture options. They’re in a 10-by-29.5-inch format and a glossy finish.


Azure Coverings 2016 Preview Casamood

3 Neutra 6.0 by Casamood
The latest addition to the Neutra  family of concrete-coordinating products adds bolder new colours to the neutral options previously available. The line includes glass mosaics and 94-inch long slabs in four widths.


Azure Coverings 2016-Preview Ceramiche Caesar

4 Elapse by Ceramiche Caesar
Mimicking the look of a timeworn surface, Elapse is available in six sizes and five colourways: Neutral, Mist, Oyster, Pacific, and Cave.


Azure Coverings 2016-Preview Sicis

5 Meteor by Sicis
Originally launched at Cersaie last fall, this geometric three-dimensional collection is worth a second look as it makes its North american debut. The iridescent and opalescent glass forms striking kaleidoscopic patterns.


Azure Coverings 2016-Preview Provenza

Gesso by Provenza
This unique line combines plaster with a gauze binder to form tiles in Natural White, Taupe Linen, Pearl Grey and Velvet Black. They’re available in patchwork and mosaic styles.


Azure Coverings 2016-Preview Imola

7 Shades by Imola
The bright hues of these 8-by-24-inch tiles, including bold sunset yellows and vibrant greens and blues, are all inspired by the natural colours of the Mediterranean.


Azure Coverings 2016-Preview Brix

8 Micro-Brick, by Brix
Nendo applies his minimalist aesthetic to tiles with this micro mosaic collection. The rectangular modules form simple or complex patterns in muted neutral tones.


Azure Coverings 2016-Preview Sintesi Ceramica Italiana

9 Atelier by Sintesi Ceramica Italiana 
A variety of decorative patterns are inkjet printed onto worn-look porcelain tiles in natural stone colours.


Azure Coverings 2016-Preview Ceramiche Ricchetti

10 Soft by Ceramiche Ricchetti
Sturdy enough for outdoor use, these glazed porcelain planks offer a subtle wood effect in five colour options.


Coverings 2016 runs April 18 to 21, at McCormick Place, Chicago. 

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