Three New Collections Draw Out Texture in Tile

Three New Collections Draw Out Texture in Tile

Offering both texture and pattern, these unique treatments introduce a dramatic effect to spaces.


B-Fish by Salvatori

B-Fish, Salvatori, Tile

Expanding on his Raw series of surface treatments, Piero Lissoni developed four new textures, including B-Fish. The thin, baton-like protrusions can be arranged in uniform, staggered or herringbone patterns to introduce varying degrees of depth – a quality that is further emphasized by how natural light plays off the surface. The 70-by-40-millimetre tiles are available in Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia, Pietra d’Avola and Silk Georgette.

Cosmo by Modulararts

Cosmo, Modulararts, tile

Made from multiple layers of fibreglass-reinforced gypsum and paired with a plant-based foam core, these InterlockingRock panels are lightweight, low-VOC and fire safe. A recent addition to the collection, Cosmo features a relief of stepped and inverted pyramids and can be painted any colour. The 81-by-81-centimetre panels (the size was determined to result in less wasteful offcuts) snap into place thanks to a joint system of steel-reinforced registration tabs and they are easily installed on irregular walls.

Perception Collection by Antolini

Perception Collection, Antolini, tile

Installed at increasingly steep angles, these floor-to-ceiling vertical slats create an optical
illusion as one passes by: A wall that initially
reads as solid subtly transforms to reveal an image behind, which once again recedes from view. A wide range of stone types from the Italian manufacturer’s collections can be used to create the installations. Images can be customized to suit any environment, though a muted palette offers a fantastically subtle impression.

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