Upcycling Retail – Changing Market Places


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Urbanism September 15, 2019 September 25, 2019

The world has started moving towards an era of globalization in the wake of technology which is an ultimate driving force for economic growth. The consumer market playing a vital role in this is speculated to increase more than two folds than the current total per capita consumption in the coming decade taking centre stage in a global economy. One of the evident causes behind this unprecedented growth is the rising urbanization and expanding the middle-class population. The concept of a physical store has changed drastically over a century, from open markets, agora to malls, bringing us to the question as to what is next?
We have started experiencing shopping at the convenience of our homes, just a click away, paved by E-retail. An advancement on the onset of the internet era that was inevitable. The ease of buying a product in an urban marketplace and personalized service which earlier acted as a value addition offered exclusively by brick and mortar stores has now taken a backseat. This has enabled E-retail to thrive to great extents, but are they becoming a terminal solution to consumer experience?


Retail Stores have formed a significant part in shaping public spaces as well as defining a neighbourhood, band consequently acted as a sphere for harbouring a social spot. As soon as we entered the realm of the digital age, the popularity of online shopping services shifted the transactions from physical retail stores to online. Retail fronts, e

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