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Comprised of six patterns, the new Loom State collection combines traditional weaving techniques with high-performance fabrics. Designed by Luum’s creative director Suzanne Tick, each textile features a familiar pattern rendering in a contemporary manner. 

An embroidered drapery, Dispersion is an open grid construction that utilizes a manufacturing process that results in a delicate structure with graphic strength. 

Duo Chrome is a reverse double-weave upholstery, with each side presenting a separate and surprising look. The warp and weft are comprised of a durable slub yarn and mimic the movement of natural linen. 

Taking cues from handwoven blankets, Structured Stripe is an upholstery fabric with innovative repeat capabilities. 

A reintroduction, Homage has been expanded with vivid new colourways with unique dyed qualities. Applications include upholstery and wrapped wall. 

Ouvere, which can be used as upholstery and applied to wrapped walls, blends both natural and synthetic fibres to create a diverse tactility: wool and silk give a soft touch while nylon and polyester offer durability. 

Bleach-cleanable, Doyenne is a heathered chenille achieved through a blending of yarns. The upholstery fabric is cross-dyed with colourfast pigments.

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