Design on Film

Design on Film

This summer, ArchiText and InterfaceFlor present Docs at Dusk, an outdoor film fest in Toronto focusing on sustainability and design. The lineup: The End of Suburbia, So Right So Smart and Blue Gold: World Water Wars.

In July, August and September, eco-conscious film buffs are invited to get comfortable on the rooftop of the London Tap House for what can only be classified as documentary heaven.

July 20: The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and The Collapse of The American Dream

Penned by Toronto filmmaker Gregory Greene, this doc examines the sustainability of suburbia in the midst of a declining fossil fuel supply and world oil peak. Appearances are made by The Geography of Nowhere author James Howard Kunstler, and Matthew Simmons, CEO of giant investment bank Simmons & Co., whose clients include Haliburton.

August 24: So Right So Smart

This film highlights the successes of businesses that have begun to explore the connection between the economy and the environment. It boasts a star-studded cast that includes Interface’s Ray Anderson, Janine Benyus of the Biomimicry Institute, Herman Miller’s Paul Murray and USGBC’s president Rick Fedrizzi.

September 14: Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Looking at the politicization of the world’s dwindling water supply, this film follows water crusaders such as Blue Planet Project’s Maude Barlow, Polaris Institutes’s Tony Clarke (co-author of Blue Gold, the book) and Michal Kravcik of NGO People and Water.

A panel discussion will preceed the screenings, which start at 9 p.m. sharp. RSVP at

London Tap House is located at 250 Adelaide St W

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