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Azure Is Planning a Climate Conference: Human/Nature

Design can make our communities more resilient in the face of climate change. But what are the most effective strategies for achieving the biggest impact in the shortest time?

Join us in Toronto on October 24 and 25, 2024 at AZURE's Human/Nature conference for two days of stimulating keynotes, panels and workshops.

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Who It's For

Azure’s conference will bring together architects, urbanists, designers and other innovators – as well as activists, environmentalists and business leaders – to motivate greater collaboration and share proven approaches to greener products, spaces and cities.

  • Students and educators will learn how their work could be aligned to mitigation, adaptation and combatting climate change.
  • Business leaders will see how major industry players are achieving carbon neutrality.
  • City planners and officials will hear from colleagues around the world who are galvanizing public support and investment funds for game-changing infrastructural projects.

And for all who are concerned about climate change and how it will impact their future, this conference will present new ways of thinking about and acting on their climate change goals.

Our Two-Day Conference Features Three Stimulating Streams:
Manufacturing for a cleaner planet by adopting true circularity.
  • How can designers and brands build business models and processes around everything from the ecological manufacturing of products that last to their sustainable delivery and end-of-life retrieval?
  • What are the most meaningful approaches to our plastics problem?
  • How are manufacturers building green production processes from A to Z, with less to no reliance on extractive practices or fossil fuels?
  • What new tools are available for ensuring a transparent supply chain?
Utilizing a new architectural toolkit, whether in adaptive reuse or new construction.
  • How can we adapt existing buildings to take into consideration upfront and overall embodied carbon and lessen our reliance on fossil fuels?
  • What policies and codes need to change for us to protect and adapt more of our building stock?
  • Which new solar and other green technologies are the most promising?
  • What do interior designers need to know about designing more environmentally friendly interiors?
Creating more livable cities, from mitigating heat to investing in better urban infrastructure.
  • How can we retrofit our cities to mitigate extreme heat and ensure long-term comfort and livability?
  • How can we create more resilient landscapes and urban realms that future-proof against extreme weather events, such as forest fires and flooding?
  • How are cities successfully implementing new transportation designs that are accessible, ecological and beautiful?
  • How can climate-conscious design meaningfully intersect with the societal needs that will grow in importance alongside a more unstable climate: shelter, food and jobs?
Programming Will Be Divided Into Three Formats:
4 Inspiring Keynotes
Bold thinkers and celebrated practitioners will present case studies that showcase the exciting potential of fresh approaches to climate-conscious design.
4 In-Depth Panels
An interdisciplinary group of speakers will convene to evaluate today's most pressing issues from multiple perspectives — and to establish the best path forward.
9 Industry-Led Workshops
Pulling from the top submissions to our call for proposals, we will invite design leaders to share their expertise about putting proven techniques into practice.